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Working with Sensei has been a great experience. They’ve worked with us to define our content and inbound strategy to increase our website and blog traffic from the buyer personas we seek to talk to and ultimately to sell to.

Very savvy on content marketing and on our industry, all content created by Sensei was accurate, research-based, and aimed at SEO optimization and personas. The results we’ve expected came soon after. Very pleasant to work with and also very professional.

Phillip Silva, Head of Sales and Marketing, Probely

For over a year, we collaborated on a content series dedicated to specific use cases for penetration testers and I was delighted at every step of the way! Our values were a perfect match, our processes aligned, and everything was smooth sailing. I felt lucky to have found such a wonderful partner for this project, who resonated with our needs and always went above and beyond to understand a deeply technical and nuanced context.

Dawn and Allen are the kind of people who make every project better with their approach, their experience, and their thoughtfulness.

Andra Zaharia, Head of Content & Community,

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