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Sensei is a communication consultancy.
We help you communicate better with your clients and teams, in person, on paper and online.

People Stuff

How come you can motivate some people and not others? Learn how to communicate with impact in the workplace. Work is a game! Let’s play.

Mind Stuff

What’s going on in there? Learn how to cultivate an optimistic, growth mindset and develop personal, positive mental health habits and self-talk.

Writing Stuff

It’s a fallacy that everyone can write. And, no-one wants to do it, right? Annual report? Website content? Knowledge base? Article? Hand it over!

Online Stuff

Do you need a straightforward marketing strategy that gets results? Does your team need a how-to workshop? Let us help you wade through the hype.

How to Communicate Better

Do you want to enjoy the positive impact of clear, direct and precise communication?

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Why is Emotional Intelligence Important in Project Management?

Project management is the process by which teams are led to achieve goals within certain constraints. The details of the project goal are called its scope or specification (‘spec’). The main constrains of the project in […]

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Remote Team Collaboration Software

What team collaboration software do you use? If you’ve recently been forced into remote working, or considering how you can manage your team remotely for the foreseeable future, this blog will help you navigate. Remote working […]

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Remote Working is Working

Due to the C-19 pandemic, organisations, who never imagined their staff could work effectively away from the workplace, were now being put in a position where they had no choice but to allow their staff to work from home. This has meant the shift towards remote working has been phenomenal!

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What is Asynchronous Working?

Asynchronous working is where teamwork and communication do not occur at the same time.