It gets dark at 3:30pm here in the winter when the winds are contrary. But we enjoy sunshine in the summer until 11pm and we can sometimes spot the faint green of the Aurora Borealis off the North Antrim Coast of Northern Ireland.

We have the most beautiful coastal scenery, beaches and surf cafés in the world, situated on the edge of the Atlantic and part of the International Appalachian Trail. We are not at all biased.

Up and at ’em since 2006, we work remotely with our partners, clients and their teams in large, B2B, SaaS, Tech and Cybersecurity companies across Europe, the U.S. and other places where it doesn’t rain every other day. ;)

dawn baird

Meet Dawn

Partial to a bit of Spotify-inspired chair-dancing, I’m working on two long-term projects right now: one in product marketing and one in information architecture for a knowledge base.

Commission me if you’re unsure who your customers are, what they want or how to hit them between the eyes with your solution. They’ll wonder who bugged their workspace!

When I’m not working, you can catch me in the garden chopping an arm off a Monstera. Or, if it’s a clear summer day, I’ll be chillaxing somewhere I can smell salty, sea air. Always in my mind, I’m running logistics for the next location on our European travel bucket list.

I’ll have an iced latte and a wodge of baked cheesecake, thanks.

Meet Allen

Fresh off the back of a series of cybersecurity articles for a Cupertino client, I’m deep into two projects just now: developing financial advisor website content, and writing a series of data security compliance blog posts.

Commission me for crafting product comparison pages or orchestrating inconsistent support content into a knowledge base that makes your support tickets melt away.

I need a cafetière for six at 10am. None of that instant brock! Current fav is Northern Ireland’s Born & Brewed’s Foundry Blend. Writers need fuel!

If I’m out, it’ll be adventuring with Dawn across our stunning, green land – very far from the madding crowd but with plenty of locally-sourced grub.

allen baird

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Photo by Tom Blackout on Unsplash