Targeted brand positioning that creates a compelling call to action

Marketing collateral and copywriting services that help you craft messages that demonstrate empathy with your customers’ key concerns

Develop an inbound marketing strategy that gets the views, enquiries, signups and results you want

Do you have a great product but a marketing strategy that lacks impact? Do you baulk at the thought of building product landing pages and content pillars?

We help you develop a suite of landing pages, case studies, blog posts, white papers, and use cases to repurpose across newsletters, and social posts.

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Reassure your audience with straightforward language and familiar use cases

Have you fallen into the gobbledegook trap? Wordiness is a complete turn-off for customers.

We show you how to write in Plain English, avoid clichés and know when to use the right jargon for your readers’ context.

Establish a Kanban-style marketing production system every department can follow

Marketing teams manage contributions and iterations from copywriters, content producers, graphic designers, as well as compliance, legal, and management.

Our proven content production system liberates your team to get on with improving your product or service, while we manage and schedule the content.

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Empower your Sales and Marketing teams to write promotional materials in a consistent voice

Multiple authors, contributors, opinions, motivations, and moving parts can result in confused messaging to the customer.

We design custom buyer personas, tone of voice guides, style guides, templates, and key marketing messages that craft a cohesive company voice.

Write feature blog posts that focus your audience on what’s great about your products and services

Your Sales and Marketing teams can be overwhelmed by the product’s technical detail and jargon, so the Development team’s expertise is not fully reflected.

We help you craft campaigns for new product updates including digestible release notes, follow-up feature blog posts, drip campaigns, and social posts.

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Optimise your marketing content for well researched keywords and precise search intent

Your carefully crafted messaging can fail to attract new customers because it isn’t optimised for keywords or search intent.

We help you research, plan, implement, and monitor SEO content that gets the right eyes on your product landing pages and blog posts.

Invest in marketing skills for your team with expert training and ongoing mentoring

New marketers are often expected to produce high performing content with little guidance or feedback.

We mentor your marketers and copywriters to understand marketing strategy, personas, guides, templates, and SEO on live marketing campaigns.

Working with Sensei has been a great experience.

They’ve worked with us to define our content and inbound strategy to increase our website and blog traffic from the buyer personas we seek to talk to and ultimately to sell to.

Very savvy on content marketing and on our industry, all content created by Sensei was accurate, research-based, and aimed at SEO optimization and personas. The results we’ve expected came soon after.

Filipe Silva, Head of Sales & Marketing, Probely

For over a year, we collaborated on a content series dedicated to specific use cases for penetration testers and I was delighted at every step of the way!

Our values were a perfect match, our processes aligned, and everything was smooth sailing. I felt lucky to have found such a wonderful partner for this project, who resonated with our needs and always went above and beyond to understand a deeply technical and nuanced context.

Dawn and Allen are the kind of people who make every project better with their approach, their experience, and their thoughtfulness

Andra Zaharia, Head of Content & Community,

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