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High quality, consistent, up to date support documentation that accentuates the capabilities of your product

Technical writing services and information architecture that helps you produce comprehensive and consistent knowledge bases and support documentation that answers users’ questions

Equip your internal Support team to rapidly resolve support tickets and emails with links to task-oriented, comprehensive support topics

Does your development team ship releases and updates without matching documentation and marketing materials? It sounds like your team needs technical writing services to support the production of customer-facing content in line with your release cycle.

This also means the Support and Services teams can eliminate time spent crafting the same replies to the same queries following releases and updates.

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Aggregate, organise and expand existing product documentation with logical information architecture

Is crucial information buried in internal technical wikis, old blog posts, patchy support topics, or duplicated resources? It is difficult to know where to house documentation for new features?

We help you produce a well structured knowledge base that groups content in ‘buckets’ and responds intelligently when users search.

Future proof releases and updates with a well organised Kanban-style system as well as supporting guides, processes and templates

Multiple contributors with disconnected approaches can lead to inconsistency, gaps, duplication, chokepoints, and general chaos.

Our technical writing services produce custom systems, guides, processes, and templates that help simplify and speed up the entire process – from ideation to publication.

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Empower your Sales and Marketing teams to really understand the product and write empathic and compelling promotional materials

Non-technical staff can sometimes feel lost in the technical details and unable to explain the full range of product features and benefits.

We write solid introductions that explain the big topics. This helps your Marketing team to write product landing pages, use cases, comparison pages, and case studies with context and nuance.

Document the latest releases, updates, features, improvements, and fixes with our expert technical writing services

We know your Development team doesn’t want to write documentation. Their specialist engineering expertise is best deployed in the product itself.

We write all new and updated topics for you in line with the release cycle – including UX help text and microcopy. If you need accompanying feature blog posts and drip campaigns, we do that too.

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Rapidly onboard customers and new starts with well structured, self-service knowledge bases and resources pages

New users want to start using the product as soon as possible.

We embed quick-start guides, topic overviews, and how-to topics together with logical grouping, structuring, sign-posting, and linking that results in cohesive and integrated knowledge bases.

Upskill new and inexperienced internal technical writers with expert, ongoing coaching and mentoring

There is little time for support and development teams to teach non-technical writers how to structure and keep content up to date.

If you prefer, we can train and mentor technical writers to embed your custom systems, processes, guides and templates in real documentation projects.

I’ve worked with Dawn while consulting at Netsparker. Before she joined there was no structure or processes in place in regards to creating, publishing and managing content.

While at Netsparker she has written the writing guidelines for the team, introduced several different processes to organize how content is planned, created, reviewed and published, and also wrote a lot of content herself. She wrote content for the website, blog posts, content for marketing collateral, product manuals and also technical documentation.

She is one of the very few content writers who have a good grasp of both technical and non-technical subjects. Dawn is very organized and easy to work with. She is highly motivated, reliable and always willing to learn and write about new subjects. I would highly recommend her to anyone.

Robert Abela, (Former) Marketing Manager, Invicti

I am delighted to recommend Sensei for their work creating a new information architecture, article templates, and writing technical documents for our company’s Knowledge Base.

In addition to their expertise on how best to structure the IA and support articles, they are incredibly skilled, responsive, and easy to work with. Sensei took the time to understand MSL and our customers’ needs, and Allen’s attention to detail in writing our support articles is excellent.

As a result of their work and the training they delivered to my team, our Knowledge Base is coming on leaps and bounds; I look forward to continuing working closely with Sensei as we progress through our Knowledge Base improvement project.

Elizabeth Iles, Client Success/Customer Services Manager, Membership Services Limited

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