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Dawn Baird,

Dawn Baird is one of the Partners in Sensei. She is inspired by the enabling and liberating principles of Dweck’s Growth Mindset, Langer’s brand of Mindfulness and anyone who has the cahones to call a spade a spade.

How to Write in Plain English

Did you know that writing in plain English is a defined skill with tactics, rules and guidelines? It’s not as intuitive as you’d think.


What is Technical Writing?

What is technical writing? This blog post explains its defining characteristics, for anyone looking for a technical writing partner.


Do Psychopaths Kill Productivity?

Do psychopaths kill productivity? Kevin Dutton – researcher in the Department of Experiment Psychology at Oxford, England and author of The Wisdom of Psychopaths – identified that those with a psychopathic personality are overrepresented among CEOs, […]


A Guide to Writing Better Business Documentation

This guide to writing better business documentation is based on our experience of project managing and writing lots of different types of business documentation for clients.


What Are the Main Reasons for Project Failure?

There can be many reasons for project failure. Here is a list of things that need considered when planning projects, for the sake of a smooth, efficient project. Of course, surprises will temporarily derail everyone’s sense […]


Remote Team Collaboration Software

What team collaboration software do you use? If you’ve recently been forced into remote working, or considering how you can manage your team remotely for the foreseeable future, this blog will help you navigate. Remote working […]


Five Things Never to do at a Networking Meeting

Who says tradition is out? OK, I have my digital camera. I love email. I’m an avid blog reader. I know what the credit crunch is. I’m even following the American election trail, via Twitter (only […]


Take the Work out of Networking

I ‘m due to attend yet another networking event tomorrow evening (hosted by Women on the Move). Yes, it ‘s that time of year again, when fun barbecues (where it ‘s often easier to mix) turn […]


Narcissistic Leadership

Narcissistic leadership is a new term for an old idea. The traditional view of leadership is of charismatic, even heroic individuals who save the day. This is called The Great Man Theory of Leadership. In our […]


What is Bullying?

“What is bullying?” According to keyword statistics on one of our favourite content marketing research tools Storybase, people really want to know what a bullying is. Perhaps they ask this question online before reporting bullying at […]


Bully Karma

We’re launching a new Facebook community for all those who’re being bullied at work to provide support and to help share Assertiveness tactics. Our new community is called Bully Karma. It’s a supportive Facebook Group for […]


File the Harassment Policy Under Jokes, Sweetheart

I’m mad. Once in a while (OK, more than once in a while) something really riles me. This week, a report stated that Northern Ireland universities are among the worst in the UK for bullying among […]

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