Why the Smart Vultures are Picking Off Your Clients

The smart vultures are circling your network and you don’t even know it. These pretty ugly, maligned creatures have their focus on your clients and the end will be so swift, you won’t see it coming. What can vultures teach us about clients? Do read on…

Vultures Have Amazing Senses

Are you waddling around like the dodo (stubby-beaked, grounded and docile), putting your single egg in a nest on the ground, hoping the predators won’t spot it? Are you deliberately not seeing opportunities in front of your eyes?

A new SME we spoke to recently was deflated as she contemplated an opportunity for her business that was financially out of reach. But, tenacious as we know she is, her mind soared above the seemingly-impossible. She researched, she read, she looked at pictures and websites, she scratched around for ideas and inspiration. And, finally, she sniffed the whiff of an opportunity to conduct some impactful market research (and marketing at the same time) without spending a fortune, and came up with a clever solution.

Another (experienced) SME we spoke to dismissed an opportunity we presented out of hand. Short-sighted, quite literally not seeing beyond her home town, despite (futilely) talking of expansion.

The smart vultures are circling your prospects, sensing a deal, a break, a new product line or direction, and going in for the kill.

Vultures are Scavengers

Vultures are scavengers. With the capacity to spot an opportunity lying just waiting on them, from four miles away, they simply zoom in on it with powerful vision.

Are you searching out every opportunity? Are you able to detect what will make you money and what won’t? Let’s not be coy. This is really the only consideration for an entrepreneur. If something proves not to be worth the distance, drop it mid journey. Entrepreneurs aren’t in it for the journey; they’re in it for the nourishment at the end. In this hunt, winning is more important that the taking part; don’t be hoodwinked by the equal opportunities doves.

This Summer, we’ve encountered business owners who offered the following reasons for not zooming in on crucially important opportunities we suggested (to reinforce offline the online marketing we provide):

  • “it’s too far away” (an eye-wateringly common response on this tiny island);
  • “no-one I’d want to see to would be at that seminar” (what, incase they provided you with a lead, or incase you’d be obliged to send out a quote?);
  • “I couldn’t get a babysitter in time” (for an event in six weeks’ time, when it’s obvious the partner is glued to the TV every night and could at least pretend to babysit his own children);
  • “but, my customers will all see my on Facebook, sure” (this from someone whose customers are likely to be mostly offline and not computer literate at all)
  • “no, I don’t have customers outside the town” (aghast at the very idea, the reason why this will never be more than a hobby for you, luv!)

The smart vultures are picking up the opportunities you’re too short-sighted to (even want to) see.

Vultures are Everywhere

Except for the Antarctic and Australia and areas that surround it, vultures are to be found right across the inhabited world, much like some seasoned networking friends we have. And, yet they (the friends, not the vultures) are derided and made fun of, compared to slebs who turn up to garish launches of small boutiques in medium-sized towns across GB.

But, in terms of raising awareness of your name, business, brand, service or product, networking is key. The vultures, networking friends, and yes, the slebs, have it spot on. (Targeted) visibility is a crucial part of driving interest, visitors, bookings, sales, and revenue. If you’re present and active, people will remember you, refer business your way, make connections and introductions, put opportunities your way, or simply become curious and look you up. If you’re silently sitting in your office waiting for that phone to ring, I suggest you cancel the trendy office. ๐Ÿ˜‰

The smart vultures are getting to know your clients at Open Coffee Ballyclare, BizCamp and Business Networking East Antrim for example.

Get out there, scour the landscape and hone those business senses!