What is it? I’ve been looking in vain for Northern Ireland business blogs. And, I can’t find any! Why? Why don’t NI professionals blog?

Is it a fear of letting your guard down? Of expressing your true opinions and attitudes? Or appearing less than perfectly organised, professional and in control of your organisation and colleagues?

Is it a fear of technology? How do I set up a blog? What is it anyway? Who would maintain it? What if something went wrong and it made me/my business/my website look unprofessional?

Is it a fear of writing? Many accomplished business owners, who are making a living and much more would begin to quake if they were asked to write a blog post.

Let me know what it is. Or, prove me wrong by commenting with a link to NI business blogs!

Meanwhile, let me introduce a few truly excellent (non-NI) blogs. I’ve provided a little summary on the strenths of each.

Bob Sutton – Work Matters

In the politely reserved atmosphere of corporate Northern Ireland, his language is certainly colourful. But, whatever his chosen vocabulary, his message is clear. No muppets in the workplace (I’ve chosen a less-offensive, more NI-friendly term); this includes bullies, jerks, time-wasters, those who do it this way ’cause we’ve always done it this way… plain and no nonsense…

Blog Herald

This blog provides useful technical information on blogging, together with writing tips (I’d especially recommend this post: How to get Me to Read Your Blog). Immerse yourself in the jargon, as you commence your own blog, and you may recognise some terms eventually :).

Creating Passionate Users

A colourful little blog about blogging that uses old black and white photos to illustrate its points.

What’s Next Blog

B.L. Ochman’s blog is inspirational for its sheer I-do-not-care-whether-you like-my-tone-or-not-I’ve-things-to-say attitude. This post is highly recommended.

I’d Rather Be Writing

This site, admittedly, is probably of more use to Technical Writers/Communicators. However, this post – Blog Usability Checklist – is eternally useful.

Gaping Void

If you can see past the strong language he employs on his business card designs, Hugh MacLeod has some fascinating insights into marketing. His blog for Stormhoek doubled sales in less than twelve months.

Tom Peters

Peters deals chiefly with marketing. He has written an excellent little book, which I’ve already blogged here.