Why Are Men Such Fat

My last blog was quite sore on those of my own sex who mope, whinge and generally waste their lives.

Now its time to explain why they might be like this.

Behold – the glory that is sexual equality on the BBC!

Good for…what? Would the world be a better place without men? Scientists claim to have grown human sperm in a lab, and columnists and bloggers are musing on the possibility of a world where men are no longer needed.

Tell a women that she’s a sex object or a walking womb and there’s an uproar. Tell a men that he’s a (now defunct [allegedly]) sperm bank and its a bit of a laugh!

First of all, I take the science with a pinch of salt. There’s plenty of sceptical voices out there…if you read the smallprint.

Second, the idea that this might make men redundant is absurd. Who invented it? A man. Men will always be needed to invent stuff. Even the PC, male-hating view of men propagated in the media is mostly conceived and carried out by men upon their own kind.

Third, there is one male role that women will never be able to fulfil. Fatherhood. Boys need something that only another man can give – initiation into the world of men. So by ‘father’ I don’t mean the mere biological progenitor. I have in mind something more like a mentor. That’s what fatherhood is at its heart. Initiation into a way of life can only be carried out by someone who has already followed the path.

Synthetic sperm? Probably not. Synthetic fathers? Synthetic equality? Definitely.

A synthetic world where men are rendered obsolete? Only in Internet chat rooms, feminist fantasies, scholarly papers, and the masochistic tendencies of modern men – reactionary and liberal alike!

So I’m not going to call for men to be treated with respect. Respect is something a man has to give himself. And if he can do this, he won’t worry what the media, science or anyone else has to say.

And he can start by indifference toward The Simpsons.

If you don’t know what I mean by this, then go to the first blog in the series and start again.