You ‘ve landed a new job or got landed with a new task. It involves training people. You don ‘t know where to begin. You don ‘t know if you can stand up in front of crowd of people. You don ‘t know how to structure the session. Maybe you ‘re someone who has been training for a while but was never properly instructed in the methods or coached on your skills. Or maybe you ‘re an old pro who feels like a brush-up in the latest thinking and techniques.

This course begins with the big basic questions in training:

  • How do adults learn?
  • What drives them to want to learn?

There there are the practical issues:

  • How do you prepare a lesson?
  • How do you prepare yourself?
  • Is there a way to deal with nerves?

Finally, there are the many skills that every good trainer needs in their toolkit: skills of communication and presentation (including image, voice and training styles), and skills in classroom management (such as handling those difficult delegates).

It is assumed that participants have little or no knowledge of the learning and training process. Those who are least experienced will benefit most from this comprehensive workshop.

Train the Trainer 2 Day Workshop

After participating in the two day programme, delegates will be able to:

  • Understand motivation, identify learning theories and manage the ‘learning cycle ‘
  • Design a course, from initial remit (need, aims and objectives) to successful conclusion (assessment)
  • Prepare for delivering training – physically, emotionally and practically
  • Demonstrate a heightened proficiency in the techniques involved in presentation skills
  • Decide what communication tools and media they can employ to enhance delivery

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