Target your use cases with precise knowledge base articles

What you need

What’s your end game? Fewer support tickets? Online help system? Manual or guide? Structure? Instructional videos and scripts? Diagrams? Screenshots? Project management? Help setting up a TechPubs department and content production process? We get it: documentation is always on the back burner and developers don’t want to do it.

What we do

Make your SMEs available to us and we’ll extract their knowledge without anaesthetic, and present it in intelligible English in whatever format you wish. We’re comfortable with tight deadlines; managing contributors whose first language is not English; and asychronous and remote working.

  • In-house Project Management: developing and managing a planned, documented system and processes for producing content from the initial idea right through to publication
  • Information architecture: restructuring your existing written resources in a way that appeals to users, and reduces the number of support tickets
  • Schedule and scope: composing an agile, prioritised list of content to make sure the essential content gets delivered on time according to your release or publishing cycles
  • Technical writing: writing and/or supervising the production of all content, including mentoring your in-house contributors and editing their content to publication standard

What you get

Once we’ve developed a working system and procedures for you, we then begin to plug the technical writing gaps, by producing content for knowledge bases and support pages, product manuals and guides. We can also manage the production of other associated copywriting such as blog posts, case studies, sales presentations and white papers.

Do you want to build your knowledge base and reduce support tickets?

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