Do you need help with reducing the amount of support tickets; helping your support people to craft replies to regular questions; technical writing: setting up a TechPubs department; project management help; or establishing a writing workflow for new products, processes or procedures? Do you need expert advice on digital content or which mediums are appropriate?

Alternatively, do you need help sifting through technical writer CVs or online profiles, and interviewing candidates? Or would you prefer that we put your existing team members through a Technical Writing Programme?

Documentation always gets put on the back-burner!

We address the foundation issues:

  • In-house Project Management: developing and managing a planned, documented system for producing content from the initial idea right through to publication
  • Information architecture: restructuring your existing written resources in a way that appeals to users, and reduces the number of support tickets
  • Schedule and scope: composing an agile, prioritised list of content to make sure the essential content gets delivered on time according to your release or publishing cycles

The documentation suite has gaping holes! We’ve no time!

Once we’ve developed a working system for you, we then begin to plug the gaps, by producing:

  • Online knowledge bases
  • User guides, help systems and wikis
  • Feature guides
  • Diagrams and screenshots
  • Indexes
  • White papers
  • Product marketing brochures and sales presentations
  • Technical and functional specifications
  • Training videos and games, manuals, exercises and tutorials

No-one here wants to write anything other than code!

We get it. Pedantic tendencies serve us well.

  • We’ve worked with the following industries: Cybersecurity, Financial Services, eDRM, HR, Health, Enterprise Software, SaaS, Aeronautics, Transport, Chemical Manufacturing and Education. They all require precision.
  • We worship at the altar of The Plain English Campaign.
  • We’re comfortable with the agile project management environment; tight deadlines; managing contributors whose first language is not English; editing until the content is free of ambiguity; and both asychronous and remote working.

What we need to know

What you want

What’s your end game? Online help system? Manual or guide? Structure? Instructional videos? Specifications the developers can work with? Diagrams? Screenshots? A marketing brochure free from corporate speak? Fewer support calls?

What your client wants

Who are they? Do they expect lots of supporting documentation, or are quick-start guides sufficient? Are clued-in, or clueless? In this context, audience is king.

What you know

We write. You code, manufacture, engineer, teach, operate, construct or create. Make your SMEs available to us and we’ll extract their knowledge without anaesthetic, and present it in intelligible English in whatever format you wish.

We have worked for – or with – the following organisations: PIP Chemicals, Kraydel, Acunetix, Netsparker, Professa, Elite, Prestige, QUB, Meridio, Replify, Kainos, Folens, Izak9, and TaxiZapp.

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