Speakers are made, not born

What you need

Maybe you’re shy or loud, upbeat or hesitant. It doesn’t matter. Public speaking is a competency that you need to succeed – minus the dreaded knocking knees and shaky hands! When you get that tap on the shoulder, how will you perform under pressure?

What we do

We believe the ability to speak to groups is a learnable skill, not a character trait. Our sessions help you develop competence, the right selection of words and a delivery method that fits you. You’ll also gain confidence, the kind that comes with detailed preparation and practice.

What you get

The result is a speaking style that suits you, and coolness under fire. You’ll have a targeted script with key points and phrases for each public speaking presentation, pitch or talk. You’ll finally know how to relax with an audience. But you won’t need that new personality after all.

“I approached Sensei to refresh my interview and presentation skills. They listened exactly to what I needed and delivered. They pushed me outside my comfort zone and supported me afterwards with further advice. What I liked most was the fact that they got straight to the point with no needless and drawn out ‘extras’”.
Through a series of 1:1 coaching sessions, we helped Fiona structure content and craft a relaxed communication style, ready for her next few interviews with presentations.

Fiona, Interviewee, Private Client