The pursuit of happiness helps both productivity and profit

What you need

Research shows that unhappy workers are less productive and less creative than happy ones. Job satisfaction and job performance rise or fall together. But, throwing more money into short-term strategies such as dubious ‘perks’, staff parties or even pay rises is insufficient.

What we do

We share with you the findings of scientific studies by Harvard Business School and others. The science of Positive Psychology provides definite guidance on pursuing happiness at work, starting from corporate culture, management styles and office environments, and rippling out to individual professionals on your team. 

What you get

Learn how to counteract negative workplace emotions caused by bullying, stress, burnout, boredom and job insecurity. Integrating Positive Psychology means feedback becomes constructive, decision-making is quicker and staff work from their strengths. Happiness brings harmony between personnel, procedures and profit.

Aerodynamically, the bee shouldn’t be able to fly. But, someone forget to tell the bee. Its body is too heavy for its light wings, wings that should not be able to keep it in the air. Bumblebees refuse to accept their limitations. They fly in spite of what they’ve been told they cannot do. They know their strength.

Bee Quote, Unknown

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