Confidence is preparation – Richard Kline

What you need

Everyone hates interviews. Yet, they’re an unavoidable part of professional life, from getting a job to progressing within it. It’s often difficult to anticipate the content of interview questions and answers, as well as how you are supposed to respond. Are you filled with apprehension or paralysed by “what if”?

What we do

We can coach you privately in preparation for a specific competency-based job interview. We can also work on building your confidence and assured non-verbal communication. And, we can assist with written application forms, CVs and online profiles. We also run group workshops.

What you get

Our specialist competency-based interview coach has an exceptional success rate. You will be fully prepared in mindset, in background research, in interview questions and answers, in appearance, and in behaviour. You will have practiced every angle. And, you’ll know how to exude professionalism, persuasiveness and calm whatever they throw at you.

“This workshop was excellent, providing relevant information regarding competency-based interviews and the process by which they are carried out. Tutor was very friendly. Thanks.”

“Dawn’s workshop was informative, very professional, and very user-friendly. She clearly has a wealth and knowledge and experience, and is keen to help. I’d fully recommend attending a workshop.”

“Very good introduction to competency-based interviews – highly recommended.”

Workshop attendees, Various organisations

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