Trust in meeee…

What you need

There’s no point having relevant facts or a great idea if you can’t influence anyone to listen. If you’re in sales, you have products and services to sell as part of your job. But if you’re not, you still have to sell your suggestions, your services, and vitally – yourself – in order to achieve your nefarious ends.

What we do

You don’t have to be hyponotise or manipulate to exercise influence. We’ll help you to find your influencing style and adapt it for challenging situations and people. You can use push (arguing, asserting) or pull (empathising, energising) tactics. We’ll also help you with larger strategies for influencing at an organisational level.

What you get

You will be able to play to your natural strengths and persuade people in all sorts of situations – when you are negotiating, selling, leading, pitching or handling conflict. You’ll know when to push, when to pull and when to walk off into the sunset with swagger.

“It takes tremendous discipline to control the influence, the power you have over other people’s lives.”We love this quote from Clint Eastwood. He highlights two crucial points about influence: first, that you possess it already and second, that in order to succeed, you must wield it with precision. Loud, shouty, aggressive types may have power, and even compliance, but they have little lasting influence, and possibly zero respect. They may even have a scandalous retention problem.

Clint Eastwood, Actor & Film Maker