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What you need

You’ve been landed with a training project. The materials are all there, but your internal contact is neither a willing – nor experienced – facilitator. You need a freelance training consultant or team to manage an induction programme, roll out new procedures and policies, or upgrade staff or clients on new software. Are we close?

What we do

Working in the role of a freelance training consultant, our experience trainers can manage or reinforce existing teams. If you need help from the start – with Training Needs Analysis, Instructional Design or Evaluation – we do that too. We also run a Train the Trainer programme, if you prefer to ‘upskill’ existing, enthusiastic team members.

What you get

Partnering with us, you have someone who is able to represent your business professionally and consistently to clients, or reinforce learning needs with staff. We learn quickly and our experience means our tranquility is not easily disrupted. And, we know, that sometimes, it just comes better from an external voice.

“Very enjoyable, good relaxed training style. Very practical and interactive. Thanks very much.”

“Very useful session presented in a friendly and informal way. I came away with lots of information and was motivated to make more of what I have to offer.”

“Very interesting. Subject exercises excellent and thought-provoking. Course presentation excellent, knowledgeable, enjoyable and enabled participation as a group as well as individually.”

Workshop attendees, Various organisations

Do you want to relax while unflappable facilitators deliver your programmes?

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