Have you suddenly realised that potential employers and business partners check you out online before the interview or meeting? Panic not. We can transform you into the most desirable of team members.

The CV bit is straightforward. Send us either your current CV, or a document containing every detail of your educational background, previous career moves and achievements. We’ll make you sound about as far away from an Apprentice candidate as it’s possible to be.

How does your online footprint look? Messy? Inconsistent? Incomplete? Would you like to have an online profile (for LinkedIn or elsewhere) that is crafted to reflect the job or opportunity you intend to secure?

We also write mini profiles for teams or groups who are applying for tenders and other business opportunities.

(What about other social media profiles such as Twitter and Facebook? Well, we’d advise that you make it private until after the crucial day is over, or clean it up. If you’re using online profiles for business or professional purposes, we can mentor you on that.)

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