Learn to communicate with control and precision

What you need

You know the scenario. You’ve been railroaded into something. Office gargoyles shatter the peace. Boundaries and autonomy are challenged. You often end encounters with misunderstanding and confusion. Later, you think of the devastating retort that would have showed them!

What we do

We help you learn how personality and motivation impact people’s ineffective passive and poisonous aggressive behaviour and words. Assertiveness is the skill of strong, concise and direct communication that is laced with confidence and respect. Say the right thing in the right way.

What you get

Discover the roots of uncontrolled rage and the causes for inactive despair. Learn how to insert assertiveness naturally into your communication style. Encourage your passive ones; corral the brash. Communicate with assertiveness: control and precision.

“The course was very good. Delivered at the right level and had a lot of relevant examples. It was covered at the correct pace and ensured that all the concepts were fully taken on board before moving on. Included whole of class in the discussions and role-plays. I would highly recommend the course.”

You know when someone just gets it?

This was written by one of the attendees following an Assertiveness and Workplace Confidence workshop for QUB.

Huw Bates, Competency Assessor, Translink

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