Public Speaking

Speakers are made, not born

What you need

Maybe you’re shy or loud, upbeat or hesitant. It doesn’t matter. Public speaking is a competency that you need to succeed – minus the dreaded knocking knees and shaky hands! When you get that tap on the shoulder, how will you perform under pressure?

What we do

We believe the ability to speak to groups is a learnable skill, not a character trait. Our sessions help you develop competence, the right selection of words and a delivery method that fits you. You’ll also gain confidence, the kind that comes with detailed preparation and practice.

What you get

The result is a speaking style that suits you, and coolness under fire. You’ll have a targeted script with key points and phrases for each public speaking presentation, pitch or talk. You’ll finally know how to relax with an audience. But you won’t need that new personality after all.

“I approached Sensei to refresh my interview and presentation skills. They listened exactly to what I needed and delivered. They pushed me outside my comfort zone and supported me afterwards with further advice. What I liked most was the fact that they got straight to the point with no needless and drawn out ‘extras’”.
Through a series of 1:1 coaching sessions, we helped Fiona structure content and craft a relaxed communication style, ready for her next few interviews with presentations.

Fiona, Interviewee, Private Client

Emotional Intelligence

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Safeguarding Children and Vulnerable People Online

child on computer

Parents, guardians, teachers, youth workers, healthcare professionals and others who have responsibilities for safeguarding children online are often flummoxed when it comes to the web.

Do you feel lost, left behind and clueless? Are you frightened that kids seems to know more than you do?

We are designing a series of workshops for adults who are responsible for safeguarding children online or empowering them with knowledge (teachers, parents, guardians and youth workers). Initially there are two workshops: Kids and the Web and Teens and the Web. We can also provide age-appropriate workshops for children and young people.

Click to read more about Safeguarding Children Online

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Proofreading is what happens when all’s said and done. You think you’re done? That’s the time for proofreading.

Once you have written your text, our proofreaders read, mark and correct all spelling mistakes, typos and grammatical errors. We also make editing recommendations where appropriate.

  • We proofread promotional, online, business and technical documentation; tenders, quotes and proposals; educational content and training materials; and dissertations, portfolios, online profiles, covering letters and CVs.
  • We can design and implement a style guide to ensure consistency across your documentation suite.

Prices vary depending on length, complexity and publishing deadline.

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Technical Writing

Do you need help with technical writing, setting up a TechPubs department or establishing a writing workflow for new products or procedures? Do you need expert advice on digital content or which mediums are appropriate?

Alternatively, do you need help sifting through technical writer CVs or online profiles, and interviewing candidates? Or would you prefer that we put your existing team members through a Technical Writing Programme?

Documentation always gets put on the back-burner!

We can address the foundation issues:

  • Information architecture: developing and implementing a system for planning, creating, structuring, writing, publishing and updating an entire documentation suite to meet release deadlines
  • Schedule and scope: developing an agile, prioritised list of content

The documentation suite has gaping holes! We’ve no time!

The following will plug the gaps:

  • Product marketing brochures and sales presentations
  • Feature guides
  • Technical and functional specifications
  • White papers
  • User guides, help systems and wikis
  • Training videos and games, manuals, exercises and tutorials
  • Diagrams and screenshots
  • Indexes

No-one here wants to write anything other than code!

Pedantic tendencies serve us well.

  • We’ve worked with the following sectors: Financial Services, eDRM, HR, Enterprise Software, SaaS, Aeronautics, Transport and Education.
  • We worship at the altar of The Plain English Campaign.
  • We’re comfortable with the agile project management environment, deadlines, and remote working.

What we need to know

We need to know what you want.

What’s your end game? Online help system? Printed guide? Instructional videos? Specifications the developers can work with? Diagrams? A marketing brochure free from corporate speak? Fewer support calls?

We need to know who your client wants.

Who are they? Do they expect lots of supporting documentation, or are quick-start guides sufficient? Are they likely to be clued-in, or clueless? In this context, audience is king.

We need to know what you know.

We write. You code, manufacture, engineer, teach, operate, construct or create. Make your SMEs available to us and we’ll extract their knowledge without anaesthetic, and present it in intelligible English in whatever format you wish.

We have worked for – or with – the following organisations: Professa, Elite, Prestige, QUB, Meridio, Replify, Kainos, Folens, Izak9 and TaxiZapp.

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