What is Follow Friday?

Follow Friday is a device used by Twitter users to recommend good people to follow.

If you are new to Twitter, use a tool such as Hootsuite or Tweetdeck and filter your All list, for #followfriday or #ff. This will highlight who those you follow recommend following. It ‘s one place to start, to increase your contacts on Twitter.

Many of those you follow will follow back; some won ‘t. Don ‘t worry too much about non-followers. You can always tweet them in the normal way. If someone isn ‘t following you, the only thing you can ‘t do is send them a Direct Message.

The Hashtag

Hashtags are key words that appear somewhere in the body of the tweet, to indicate what the tweet is about. They are by convention preceded by a hashtag (#), to designate their importance. (In practical terms, however, the hashtag has no function. So, as long as you include a word or phrase in your tweet, there is no need to duplicate this in a hashtag.)

When people perform searches on Twitter for certain words and phrases, they will find your tweets among anyone who tweets your key words. In the example below, if someone searched on Twitter (or a search engine such as Google) for nursing recruitment Belfast, this individual tweet ‘s URL would appear in the list of results.

This helps your Search Engine Optimisation. Simply put, SEO refers to how well your online location can be found by people specifically searching for you, or by people searching randomly for what service or product you provide.

Who Should I Include in Follow Friday?

  • Helpful people you’ve been chatting to on Twitter during that week
  • Your clients and customers
  • Your suppliers
  • Your colleagues
  • Those who tweet information your think your followers would find useful
  • People you want to notice you and what you’re doing

The Format

It ‘s useful to give a reason for including someone in a Follow Friday list:

@balmoralhc provides information on nursing jobs in Belfast, Northern Ireland and beyond. #tweetni #recruitment #ff

Alternatively, many people simply list Twitter users by username:

@balmoralhc, @balmoralhcare #ff


  • Always put the @ infront of the username, so those Twitter users can see that you ‘ve recommended them.
  • Don’t feel you have to do Follow Friday every week, only when you have people to recommend.
  • Schedule your Follow Fridays, and add people into the scheduled tweet, as it occurs to you.

Above all, those you recommend with the Follow friday device should add value to your followers.

Do you have any methods for deciding who to add into a Follow Friday tweet?