Have you heard of Twitter? Flickr? Facebook? Keep up, please

The phenomenon that is called social networking has captured our hearts working and leisure hours!But what is social networking? The most simple definition is that it is an alternative way to network or make connections with people – online.

  • Bebo is a social networking site for teenagers.
  • Facebook is a social networking site for grown-ups. Increasingly used by organisations of all kinds.
  • Flickr is for anyone wishing to share photos.
  • LinkedIn is a networking for business people, including some home businesses. It is a much more serious site for business and professionals to use.
  • MySpace is a social networking site for all types, including many aspiring and successful creative types, bands and artists.
  • Twitter is useful for anyone wishing to keep a public log of what they’re doing, thinking, planning, reading, finding, needing. It is used increasingly by businesses and other organisations to interact with customers.

So, what can you do on these networking sites? Well, you can: ‘talk’ to others, share photos, information, meet people, make recommendations, share tips, and and answer questions – the list goes on. My advice would be to sign up for an account – they are free – and see what tools they haev available. Otherwise, ask a friend to recommend one.

If you ‘d like to recommend one for business use, please add a comment and tell us how you use it. All of the above are used for business. Personally, I have found Linked In, Facebook and My Space the most useful.