Website Redesign


Fear not, Sensei Learning and Performance is still here! We are currently undergoing a non-surgical facelift, with some keyhole surgery thrown in. Paul from WebDistortion provided the keyhole surgery, the exterior you can blame on me. Having done the circuit of other CMS out there for other blogs, WordPress is my tool of choice. Well, you just can’t beat the plugins can you?

I’m learning gradually, using all sorts of weird stuff like FTP programs and servers. (I’ll allow the WordPress veterans a deep, knowledgeable sigh here.) If you land on the site and find that something is amiss, it should be corrected very soon. All recommendations on themes, plugins and the like are very welcome.

Please be patient as we work our invisible thread and smooth over any imperfections. It may take a little while.

We’ll try to avoid leaving behind any loose flaps or trout pouts. ๐Ÿ˜›

Image credit: tomsaint11.