How to Avoid a Dull Twitter Profile


Here are some Twitter applications and other cool tools for you to investigate.

A is for Autopostr…

Tweets automatically every time you add a photo to Flickr, by the simple addition of a hashtag # to the title of the photo.

B is for Birdhouse… a notepad for Twitter

Did you ever think of a tweet, but didn’t want to post it immediately? Then, you need Birdhouse.

C is for CrowdStatus… create a crowd

Create a crowd of those whose status you’d like to view. I’m not sure what the advantage this has over a group in TweetDeck (and, it’s all a bit manual) but there you go.

C is also for Clickable Now…

Add clickable links to your Twitter background image. Backgrounds used to be static. Nice, but non interactive. Now… go explore!

E is for Easy Tweets… Twitter marketing tool

Manage multiple Twitter accounts and monitors multiple keywords, trends, conversations and mentions of your product.

H is for Hashtags… what’s happening right now on Twitter

The use of hashtags is a recognised method for adding labels (or, metadata) to your tweet. Watch a hashtag topic trending live. Learn more about hashtags here.

H is also for HelloTxt… we are status

Posts to multiple networks and microblogs. Saves you having to log in and update individually. You can post to a personal or professional group.

J is for Just Tweet It… find other Twitter users like you

Add your name to the directory of Twitter users. It lists the newest Twitter users and has a blog.

L is for Less Friends… Do the people you follow, follow you?

Find out who you follow who doesn’t follow you. Results are displayed as mutual following, they follow you or you follow them.

M is for Monitter…

Monitor three words/phrases simultaneously, in real-time. You can add a distance caveat.

M is for My Tweet Map… locate your Twitter friends on the map

Track the location of those you follow on Twitter.

P is for Phweet… smart links talking

This online phone service allows you to invite your Twitter friends to talk.

P is also for Ping… say it

Update multiple social networks simultaneously.

P is also for… start making plans

Make plans, invite people, talk, vote and receive updates. Simple.

Qwitter… catching Twitter quitters

Find out who has unfollowed you via email.

R is for Remember the Milk… RTM for Twitter

RTM is an online task management system. RTM for Twitter is to help you integrate Twitter with RTM. Add RTM as a friend on Twitter, then tweet away! Tweets get sent to RTM.

S is for serendipiTwitterous…

Search for tweets, by a certain person, containing certain keywords.

T is also for Topsy… a search engine powered by tweets

Use Topsy to search for tweets containing search terms that you enter.

T is for Twestival… tweet, meet, give

Organise a get-together to raise money for charity: water.

T is also for Twistori… love., hate, think, believe, feel, wish

Find out what’s one everyone’s mind, in multi-colour.

T is also for Twitterific… making Twitter extra terrific

This is an iPhone and desktop application. It has a nice interface, as they say in the business.

T is also for Twollars… the currency of appreciation

“Twollars is a simple concept. It ‘s fun, it ‘s free and it ‘s designed to do good. People give you Twollars as a way of saying ‘thank you ‘. Then you donate your Twollars to charity. The Twollars you donate are converted by businesses and individuals into ‘real ‘ currencies to help raise money for charity.”

V is for Visible Tweets… what tweets do you want to visualise?

This web application is for displaying the latest tweet to mention a phrase or Twitter username publicly. It would look great before a conference or during a break in a trade show demonstration.

W is for What’s Up… what’s up with you?

This is a desktop application that tells you what’s up in the world, every few seconds.

I’d love to know what you think. Or, if you’ve any to add to this list. Please comment!