Things to Stop Doing in 2015 stop

Any New Year Resolutions, Dawn? It ‘s almost as bad as being asked if you ‘ve all your Christmas shopping done yet eight weeks before the day.

The answer is generally no. I don ‘t believe in special days really. Except birthdays. Special days make me feel like I ‘ve sold my soul and mind to [insert nationwide card retailer]. Why pick one day of the year on which to make yourself feel like you ‘ve failed before you’ve even begun?

Yep, I ‘m a Christmas and New Year Resolutions curmudgeon!

A List of Things to Stop Doing in 2015

I ‘m going to make it easy for you. I ‘m going to give you permission to stop not start doing things. One for each month of the year.

  1. Stop saying yes to everything and everyone that comes along.
  2. Stop allowing yourself to be manipulated into situations that bore you.
  3. Stop complaining that you ‘re overweight.
  4. Stop feeling guilty when others react badly to your stopping stuff.
  5. Stop reading trash.
  6. Stop spending time with those who see you as a mere appendix to their life.
  7. Stop sitting.
  8. Stop apologizing when you ‘ve done nothing wrong.
  9. Stop procrastinating
  10. Stop judging harshly (that goes for you as well as others).
  11. Stop being so frickin ‘ proud of being so frickin ‘ busy.
  12. Stop following every link you see posted online.

I hope this list helps you to stop doing something. I won ‘t patronize you with alternative suggestions. You do the math.

January’s clients so far include: a job-seeker who’s had enough rejection letters, a software company who needs to get going on their online learning, a bunch of engineers who know their communiciation style needs polished.

Do you need help this year to stop something and replace it with something more productive, healthy or profitable? Get in touch.