The Politics of Depression


Politicians are taking notice of the impact on depression in the workplace and society. And for once, their thinking seems smart to me. Which is? To start to tackle mental health issues at school age so there is a better chance of preventing depression from striking in the first place.

Teach people self-esteem and resilience while young and the chances of them suffering from depression in later life are measurably reduced.

As some of you know, Dawn and I are Sessional Trainers for Aware Defeat Depression, the only educational charity in Northern Ireland to deal exclusively with depression. Going into schools to teach kids about mental health is exactly what we do. It feels great to be part of this worthwhile cause.

I’ve chalked up a few blogs on preventing depression and improving mental health over the years. I’ve mentioned innovative mental illness treatments like the use of humour and music as well as running, boxing, football and gardening. Dawn has also designed and delivered training on depression for a specifically older audience. I’ve also blogged on positive psychology and other scientific trends in with serious implications for the field of mental wellness.

IMHO politics is at its best when it follows and facilitates what’s going on at the grass roots level. We the citizens are our country’s leaders and paymasters; politicians are public servants, no more. Still, credit where credit’s due, I suppose. A little good news about smart politics is useful to keep the blues – and reds – away.