The First Jedi Political Party voting

This week I revieved my electoral registration form, as you can see from the picture. I’ll fill it in and send it away because I’m interested in politics and acknowledge its power, while increadibly frustrated as to how it is conducted. So in the spirit of constructive criticism, I’ve decided to start my own alternative party called The First Jedi Party.

10 Reasons Why Northern Ireland Needs A New Political Party

  1. I want to promote my book, which is called, by no coincidence, The First Jedi. It ‘s a novel set in Northern Ireland, and is part autobiography, part training manual, part sci-fi fable, all mind-trick!
  2. I want to satirize the political beliefs of many people in Northern Ireland, who assert the existence of entities that are just as fictional as anything in Star Wars. For instance, belief in the ‘real Irish people ‘ and the ‘glorious British empire ‘ are as mythical in nature as the the Rebel Alliance and the Galactic Empire.
  3. I want to give people at home and abroad a brief reason to smile when discussing Northern Irish politics rather than resort to the usual groans. The entertainment of ‘frivilous politics ‘ offers temporary relief from the tired old debates and debacles that arise with cyclic predictability, filling us with apathy or antagonism, leading nowhere.
  4. I want to allow those who categorise their beliefs as Jedi to have a form of political expression and representation. In the early twenty-first century, during national population censuses, significant numbers of people in the UK and Ireland designated themselves as ‘Jedi ‘ or ‘Jedi Knights ‘ for fun and in protest, like me.
  5. I want to introduce an element of playfulness and a lusary attitude into an arena that takes itself, its work and its mission with messianic seriousness. Politicians as a class should not constitute the most famous celebs in Northern Ireland, neither is it healthy that we should look to them or their state to solve our core problems.
  6. I want to prove that it is possible to create a political position to suit personal beliefs, however whimsical, rather than accept old impositions that other people created for their own benefit. People long dead formed our current political discourse according to their own designs, which we the living, must outgrow and rethink for our radically different world.
  7. I want to experiment with the ability of science fiction to help us think about many themes relevant to Northern Irish politics. Science fiction can act as as a device in which diverse peoples can discuss relevant issues of identity, morality, political structures and possiblity futures, all at a safe distance.
  8. I want to release in young people particularly the Force of questions and imagination when it comes to constructing their political ideals. I want to teach them to ask, Why do I still hold the political beliefs in which I was raised? If I wasn ‘t born in this country, this age, what political issues would move me? What sort of new politics would I hope to see in the future?
  9. I want to promote certain values and techniques that I classify as ‘Jedi ‘ and that I believe could play a part in societal progress here. For example, ethical ‘balance ‘ counteracts extremist rhetoric, psychological ‘mindfulness ‘ enables the acceptance of multiple perspectives, and emotional ‘detachment ‘ frees from habitual reactions.
  10. I want to protect the younglings of Northern Ireland from local Sith cults, who I know are infecting the land at the moment. My intelligence sources tell me that a local Sith lord is currently drawing up a manifesto called The Second Sith and is searching for an Apprentice to consolidate his already growing power-base here. He must not succeed!

Who out there would vote for me?