Radical Time Management

Notes and checklists, calendars and appointment books, project timetables and reminder systems – should managing time require so much time? And once the training session is over, how many of these tools do we actually employ to effect in our working lives?

Statistics tell a grim tale: most Time Management training is ineffective and therefore literally (and ironically) a waste of time.

So this workshop will take a radically different track. The course will commence with deep and personal questions about how each of us views and values our time.

This perspective is often neglected in traditional time management courses in favour of scheduling and arranging techniques. This is in keeping with the latest research, which shows that the ultimate time management device for busy managers is themselves.

We will then focus on two proven techniques that yield maximum results for time-poor managers and business people.

The first is the revolutionary ’80/20 Principle ‘ as radically interpreted by Richard Koch, self-styled ‘time revolutionary ‘ and serial entrepreneur. The second is the ‘Quadrant 2 ‘ system developed by Stephen Covey, author of the famous Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. Between them, these ideas will radically alter how you view and use time – from a quantity to a quality perspective, from spending time to investing time.

This is a wide-ranging and stimulating course, designed to provide managers and professional people from all sectors with real-world tools for everyday use.

It will endow newcomers with an excellent overview of the best in Time Management techniques. And it also offers fresh stimulation and focus for those with previous training in the subject. No prior knowledge is assumed.

Venue: Queens University Belfast – Cost £210 – Speaker: Dawn Baird

To book your place, please contact QUB CPD Short Course Programme on 028 9097 5260 or cpd@qub.ac.uk.

Image credit: foxypar4.