Take the Work out of Networking

I ‘m due to attend yet another networking event tomorrow evening (hosted by Women on the Move).

Yes, it ‘s that time of year again, when fun barbecues (where it ‘s often easier to mix) turn to enclosed spaces in upmarket conference suites in hotels, where you are expected to speak to other entrepreneurs, sell your business or promote your idea.

It ‘s terrifying, I ‘ll admit, the first time round. But here are some surefire ways to get those butterflies flying in formation (lovely imagery, unashamedly stolen from a friend)! Continue reading “Take the Work out of Networking”

Beyond the Glass Ceiling (Women’s Event)


There are many business workshops and training events that are designed for businesswomen. Have you noticed how they tend to cover the same sort of themes? Conflict management skills for women. Assertive communication skills for women. Confidence building for women. Isn ‘t all this slightly reactive and belittling? Haven ‘t businesswomen in 21st century Northern Ireland moved past these stereotypes yet?

Beyond the Glass Ceiling is different. Instead of assuming what women need, we will address what real women want. Instead of patronising women by ‘helping ‘ them play catch-up, we will equip women to move ahead. Our workshops will achieve this by addressing some workplace issues with an openness and honesty that is rare, but that everyone welcomes when it arrives. Continue reading “Beyond the Glass Ceiling (Women’s Event)”

Knowledge is the Key: How to Learn and Study (Workshop)

Are you frustrated that no-one ever showed you how to learn? This workshop will teach you the skills of study.

  • How do you ‘speed read ‘?
  • Are there writing conventions and guidelines?
  • How do you influence, argue and analyse when reasoning?
  • What is the value of learning styles, mind maps and memory techniques?

This workshop is for lifelong learners and students of all sorts.

We are running a workshop on Saturday, 01 May at 09:30-16:30 at QUB.

Speaker: Allen Baird.

To book a place, phone the School of Education (Open Learning) on 028 9097 3539/3323 or email openlearning.education@qub.ac.uk.

Assertiveness & Workplace Confidence


This two day workshop will take place on Wednesday – Thursday, 17-18 February 10, 09:30-16:30. Speaker: Dawn Baird.

The realities of modern work life – flat structures, tough workloads and the need to exert influence across traditional boundaries – ensure that assertiveness skills are not an optional extra. Aggression is unacceptable; passivity is ineffective. Continue reading “Assertiveness & Workplace Confidence”

Marketing Your Business with Social Media

Just a quick announcement of two similar events coming up in Carrickfergus and Magherafelt in December, entitled Marketing Your Business with Social Media. Both are free, and open to businesses in the relevant council areas.

This session is for anyone who wants to gain a quick-fire overview of what social media is. It is most suitable for absolute beginners, and only a basic working knowledge of the world wide web is assumed. Continue reading “Marketing Your Business with Social Media”

Retirement Planning


On Saturday 21 November, I am running a workshop at QUB entitled Retirement: One Big Loose End. I’ve had confirmation this week that there are 14 attendees so far. What prompted me to run a workshop on retirement? Well, two things:

  • The average age of my students at my Open Learning (mostly IT) workshops is somewhere between 50-70
  • Speaking to someone a few months ago about retirement, the word that stood out was “grim”

Naive as I am at 35 about approaching retirement, I took this as a challenge. Continue reading “Retirement Planning”