Getting a Job in the Recession #3: Jobs Boards

Updated: 02/04/14

This week, it’s Jobs Boards – how to find a job online. I’ve listed some international sites, along with mostly Ireland and UK sites. And, I’ve included an array of websites that advertise projects for the freelancers among you too, including a few sites where you can add a profile and search projects seeking professionals of all types. I’ve highlighted significant or unusual features in bold. (And, if you send me your suggestions, these will also be added, together with a link to your online profile or website.) Continue reading “Getting a Job in the Recession #3: Jobs Boards”

Getting a Job in the Recession #5: Online Profiles


We’ve already covered the basics: CVs, Virtual CVs, Jobs Boards and Covering Letters . Most employers are looking to see a CV these days. Many will insist on an application form being filled out, which does the same job, except for the trick Extra Info bit at the end. (I’ll probably blog about that in a later post.) So, do online profiles really matter? If an employer receives your CV or form, do they even take the time to look you up online? Yes. Suffice to say, they might. Continue reading “Getting a Job in the Recession #5: Online Profiles”