Want to Learn About Blogging in Belfast?


What is a blog? It is a mini, personalised website. The difference between a regular website and a blog is that the owner posts articles – blog posts – regularly to let the public know what he/she is up to. Use it to display your interests, photos of family/friends or even promote your business.

I am are holding a two-day workshop – Welcome to the Blogosphere: Blogging for Beginners – at QUB, Belfast on Saturday 21 & 28 March. To book a place, phone the School of Education (Open Learning) on 028 9097 3539/3323 or email openlearning.education@qub.ac.uk.

On this practical workshop, you will create a blog (with www.wordpress.com) and learn how to customise it with posts, photos, links and tools. You will also be given access to three months’ free technical support.

This workshop is for total beginners only. I promise – once you begin, you’ll be blogging into the wee small hours!

Current Events Schedule


This term at QUB, we have three new workshops for the working professional: Assertiveness and Workplace Confidence; Managing Customer Experience and Emotional Intelligence Goes to Work. These workshops are hosted by the School of Education, Short Courses Programmes (CPD).

For eveyone else, there is the School of Education’s Open Learning Programme. This term, we’re running the following events: Continue reading “Current Events Schedule”

How to Manage the Men in Your Life

We are holding a workshop at Queen ‘s University Belfast, What Men Want: How to Manage the Men in Your Life. This is a one-day event.

Listen to Allen’s radio interview about the event (11/04/08) on U105 here.

Mutual understanding between the sexes is a key for greater harmony in the home, workplace and society. We’ll look at how psychologists have described the differences between the way the sexes see and interact with the world. You’ll learn the secrets of: communicating with men, understanding strange male behaviour patterns, and how to handle them in conflict situations. Continue reading “How to Manage the Men in Your Life”

How to Talk in Any Situation

We are holding a workshop at Queen ‘s University Belfast, Confident Conversations: How to Talk in Any Situation. This is a one-day event.

Some talk too much; others strain to say anything. It’s a skill that affects every area of our lives, yet we’re never trained for it. This workshop will teach the art of conversation. Participants will learn what topics to raise, how to connect with others, the role of reaction, ‘active listening’ and other skills for social savvy. Continue reading “How to Talk in Any Situation”

Negotiating Self-Help Land

We are holding a workshop at Queen ‘s University Belfast, Negotiating Self-Help Land: How to Learn to Help Yourself. This is a one-day event.

Goggle at the hundreds of self-help books in any library or bookshop. Then there are the gurus, techniques, weekends and workshops. Take this tour through self-help land. Explore its origins, its champions and critics, its lingo, and the timeless themes that keep us growing. There are many self-help approaches – participants will discover one here that works for them.

Following this workshop, you will be able to: Continue reading “Negotiating Self-Help Land”


Hyper-choice: Decision-Making in a World of Alternatives (OLE0138)
1-day workshop on Saturday 24 November 2007

One of the greatest pressures in modern life is making choices.

There are so many options available, whether in ethics or politics, personal or work life. In this course you will discover your decision-making style and what assumptions shape your choices. You will learn simple decision-making techniques and models for every situation.

Choose less stress by signing up! Continue reading “Hyper-Choice”