To NLP or not to NLP

Maybe some of you will have heard of NLP or Neuro-Linguistic Programming. It’s all the rage in the sort of circles I move in – the realm of coaches, management consultants, trainers and professional communicators. Some academics and psychologists brand it as gimmicky, without an adequate basis in research, and productive of a cult-like mentality. To others, its a transformational science that lifts their game to another level at record speed.

My feelings are mixed. I would describe by own view as ‘open but cautious’. Open, because it contains a heady mixture of philosophy, psychology, and self-help applications that I personally find attractive. But I’m still cautious, very cautious. Here are a few quick reasons why: Continue reading “To NLP or not to NLP”

Are You Just Brilliant?

Last Thursday, I attended a networking event, Castle Leslie – A Business Built on Branding Brilliance which was hosted by several Northern Ireland women’s networking organisations, including one that we belong to, Women on the Move.

The speaker, Sammy Leslie, a direct descendent of those who originally owned Castle Leslie in County Monaghan, was speaking about how she took on the branding of her family’s business – from leaking buckets in the attic, to the successful, niche, think-twice, decadent weekend-break, wedding venue, private members’ club and tourist destination it is today. Phew! Continue reading “Are You Just Brilliant?”

Business Launch

We are planning a business launch sometime soon. Keep an eye on the blog for more details.

We would welcome those who would like to do business with us, those who would like to work with or for us, or those who would just like to wish us all the best.

So, if you’d like to come and hear who we are and what we’re about, please contact us to let us know you plan to come…