Body to Body, Funk to Funky

So this week I’m resting frorm the rigours of teaching another public workshop at Queen’s University, Belfast. The subject? Body language. The title? Body to Body: How to Communicate Without Words.

It’s the second time I’ve led this workshop at Queen’s. Both times it’s been the largest, most popular course I’ve ever taught. Both times, the numbers have been well over the 40 mark. But there have been a few changes over the years.

Back in 2006 when I first taught the course I tried to lay a foundation of theory before offering some application and role-play. This time I launched straight into it with a ‘Top Ten Uses of Body Language in Evey-day Life’. Only after this I squeezed in a bit of theory before lunch, mentioning the likes of Mehrabian, Morris and Eckman. After lunch, I hit them with 10 ‘Special Techniques’ of nonverbal-communication they could try out upon unsuspecting friends and colleagues. The day finished with a test and ‘graduation’! Continue reading “Body to Body, Funk to Funky”

Confident Conversations Workshop 2.0


I like designing new workshops and working on new ideas as much as possible. So far, I’ve only repeated one course within the Queen’s University Open Learning Programme. That was my 1-day workshop called Body to Body: How To Communicate Without Words. Read about it here. Now, I intend to add to this repeated course hall of fame. On Saturday, 31 May 2008 I delivered a workshop called Confident Conversations: How to Talk in Any Situation. Or, as I called it my my post-workshop report blog, The Art of Talking Without Talking.

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Jedi Workshop Goes International!


Well, kind of. I was interviewed this morning by Steve Chase of ABC Radio in Australia.

Media coverage for this course has snowballed at an unbelievable rate in the last week. Dawn mentioned some of the radio interviews I’ve done in the last blog, as well as the inital exposure with the Newsletter and the BBC.

This in addition to the national newspapers that were generous with their space… at least on-line. First of all there was the Guardian Educational Supplement, hotly pursued by the Times Higher Education Supplement. The latest treatment was by the Times Online, which is interesting because of the comments generated (not all of which are flattering). The Daily Telegraph is in on the act too.

Dopiest question award? Continue reading “Jedi Workshop Goes International!”

The Making of Meaning

Last Saturday – 4th April – I delivered a course much anticipated… by me anyway. It was the first time I’ve got to use my philosophy background explicitly in a course, except for some work I’ve done in the area of business ethics.

The course was on the meaning of life, and how to find it for yourself. It’s interesting to me that this sort of topic is becoming more in demand not only for personal development but also in organizational growth. A framework of meaning connecting individual and corporate purpose provides the ultimate in occupational motivation!

I’ve already mentioned the direction of the course in the enigmatically-named blog called 42. Instead, what I want to do here is share a few insights that I’ve gleaned during the course of my research and the delivery of my course. Continue reading “The Making of Meaning”

Current Events Schedule


This term at QUB, we have three new workshops for the working professional: Assertiveness and Workplace Confidence; Managing Customer Experience and Emotional Intelligence Goes to Work. These workshops are hosted by the School of Education, Short Courses Programmes (CPD).

For eveyone else, there is the School of Education’s Open Learning Programme. This term, we’re running the following events: Continue reading “Current Events Schedule”

Borat Comes to Queen’s University

As our regulars will know, Sensei does a fair amount of work with The Queen’s University of Belfast. We work with The School of Education, designing and delivering courses for the Open Learning and Continuing Professional Development programmes. The Queen’s academic year is divided up into three terms – Autumn, New Year, and Spring. You can see from the OL brochure that Dawn and I have courses running for the first two terms.

I got a letter from QUB a few days ago to remind me that they are currently receiving proposals now for the Spring programme. I’ve a few ideas already, but then I had a better one. Continue reading “Borat Comes to Queen’s University”