The Business Case for Remote Teams

The business case for remote working is often made in terms of benefits to workers. But what about benefits for the employers, companies and organisations that use remote teams? What’s in it for them, in basic, […]


14 Blog Posts on Assertive Communication

We’ve blogged on the topic of assertive communication for many years, as well as taught courses and led workshops on it. Assertiveness has the power to challenge our thinking at a deep level, and change our […]


Bully Karma

We’re launching a new Facebook community for all those who’re being bullied at work to provide support and to help share Assertiveness tactics. Our new community is called Bully Karma. It’s a supportive Facebook Group for […]


File the Harassment Policy Under Jokes, Sweetheart

I’m mad. Once in a while (OK, more than once in a while) something really riles me. This week, a report stated that Northern Ireland universities are among the worst in the UK for bullying among […]


Assertive Body Language

Assertiveness is the skill of direct, open communication. There is a psychological side of assertiveness that focuses on our emotional detachment and self-management. And there are a set of specific assertiveness techniques that help you to […]


How to Confidently Run Meetings Without the Creeping Ennui

Ennui? It’s a French word that means listlessness, langour. Think Daisy Buchanan and Jordan Baker languishing in The Great Gatsby. We’ve been having something of a Long Island-fest lately and exploring every version of The Great […]


Mohicans Do Not Call Themselves Subject to Much at All

Mohican wisdom – at least how it is presented in the Last of the Mohicans movie – features heavily in our communication workshops. With fierce independence in mind, this blog post follows on from my 5 […]


Fear, Obligation and Guilt

Often our lives are characterised by FOG: fear, obligation and guilt. In many cases, this involves other people. That is what this blog post deals with. It concerns how to limit fear to the unavoidable, remove […]


Case Study: Confident Presentations

Clients contact us to get help with communicating better during her presentations and delivering confident presentations. The burning issues vary. We once had a client one of whose worries was what to with their hands during […]


Emotional Detachment and Assertiveness

Emotional Detachment what’s that? Let’s back up a little. People naturally think of assertiveness in terms of how to communicate in situations of conflict or when you are bullied. While it includes this, assertiveness starts from […]


Meetings: Stand and Deliver

Today, I’m working through our Radical Time Management workshop with a group of business owners who have signed up to QUB’s CPD programme. One aspect of today will be to discuss how to decide whether a […]


5 Assertiveness Techniques

Last Wednesday and Thursday, Allen and I took our first, joint workshop. The topic was Assertiveness and Workplace Confidence. Assertiveness Techniques is a small part of one of eight sections which made up the workshop. It’s […]

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