Profitable Online Marketing Strategy

10 Early Bird tickets have been released for our September event, Create an Online Marketing Strategy. Follow the link for further details and registration information.

Key Points:

  • All attendees will be subscribed to a follow-up Creating a Profitable Online Marketing Strategy email course (value: £150).
  • Two complimentary tickets will be issued to two charities, not for profits or social enterprises who contact us before Wednesday 10th July.

Questions I Get Asked About Getting Business Through Twitter

People are asking me the following questions – an awful lot – so I thought I’d write a blog post to redirect everyone to, when these issues come up again. This blog post is directed at new Twitter users who are tweeting about their occupation or business.

How do I get more followers on Twitter?

  1. You must tweet. If you don’t tweet, people won’t know you exist nor what you do. Don’t expect people to approach you in Twitter. It won’t happen. And, when you click to follow people, some people will be put off if there are months between tweets.
  2. You must interact with others, as described below, under What should I tweet about? Continue reading “Questions I Get Asked About Getting Business Through Twitter”

‘Marketing Your Tourism Business With Social Media’ Event


I’ve been asked to run an information session for local business people from the hospitality industry at Groarty House B&B, Londonderry. It is open to all.

This information session will introduce you to the concept of social media and how it can be used to promote (yourself and) your organisation. There will be a swift, jargon-free run-through of what is available (most of it free). Continue reading “‘Marketing Your Tourism Business With Social Media’ Event”

Online Coaching in Social Media


This week, we are launching a new service, Online Coaching in Social Media.

Who is it for?

We design and delivery a fair amount of social media seminars and workshops. Our customers are drawn from those who are just starting a business and those who are attempting to expand their business. This also includes more established organisations, who are attempting to seek new ways to market what they do and expand their network or establish a more rounded online presence. Continue reading “Online Coaching in Social Media”

Beyond Throwing Sheep


Right about now, we’re mid-way through either a bacon roll, a scone, a croissant and jam, or my presentation at our Social Media Business Breakfast… pity you missed it!

Social Media gets a sometimes deservedly bad press, for things such as the ability to “throw sheep” on Facebook, for example, which seems an almighty waste of time, for people who’re busy. I agree. So, I’m planning a new public workshop on social media and business. There will be no throwing sheep, or playing games, such as Mafia Wars. If you want to get into all that, great. But, my guess is that most businesses owners and managers don’t have time for games during work.

I want it to be very practical, in that you learn lots during the day and go home with profiles or blogs or whatever already working. Despite the title of this blog (which may become the name of the workshop), I’ve not yet decided what to call it… because I’m not sure what it will be. Continue reading “Beyond Throwing Sheep”

Facebook for Business in Northern Ireland?


Can Facebook be used for business purposes? For spreading the word about your services? For directing people to your website? For showcasing your talent? For displaying your product features? For dealing with customer queries? What about all your friends mixed in among your business contacts? Won’t they get a little tired of your business stuff mixed up with your personal stuff? Isn’t Facebook only for college students?

It might surprise you to know that a business colleague of mine was asked at a recent interview about her experience of using Facebook and Twitter. Continue reading “Facebook for Business in Northern Ireland?”