Learners or Customers?

There ‘s an interesting article on the BBC website about whether students should think like customers. The thrust is that it might be dangerous because it forces cash-strapped academics to demean themselves by marketing their courses. The pain, the pain

As a training consultant and business owner, I ‘m used to making the link between customers and learners. For me, they are one and the same. When I say that I treat the learners in our workshops as ‘customers ‘, I am stating the facts. This is not to denigrate; it is to describe.

I suppose it counts as controversial in some circles, but I ‘m glad about the new link between universities and business, and the new perspective of a university as a business. Why? Continue reading “Learners or Customers?”

I Am Not a Number


Today competition for customers is fierce and customer power is on the increase. But what are customers to you? Information to be managed? Or people to be engaged?

There are two answers. The old one is called Customer Relationship Management (CRM). CRM is a process by which companies capture, store and analyze information relating to all parties in any business transaction – vendor, partner, and internal customer.

The second is called Customer Experience Management (CEM). It is the future. Continue reading “I Am Not a Number”