Marketing Your Business with Social Media

Just a quick announcement of two similar events coming up in Carrickfergus and Magherafelt in December, entitled Marketing Your Business with Social Media. Both are free, and open to businesses in the relevant council areas.

This session is for anyone who wants to gain a quick-fire overview of what social media is. It is most suitable for absolute beginners, and only a basic working knowledge of the world wide web is assumed. Continue reading “Marketing Your Business with Social Media”

Google Reader

It was a lazy summer evening, I’d nothing in particular that needed urgent attention, except… the list of blogs I try to keep up with. There are desktop shortcuts to your favs (I’d abandoned that some time ago, in favour of a clearer XP desktop). There are Favourites in IE and Bookmarks in Firefox. There are Links buttons on your toolbar. In other words, there is confusion.
What am I talking about? Blog links. I glance at and/or read lots of blogs. But, it was always nagging away in the background that it’d be nice to have them all in one place. I’d tried using Outlook to read RSS updates. But, that was to much like hard work, and even looked similar to reading and dealing with the daily mountain of emails we get. I wasn’t interested in keeping up to date.
So, following a few months of giving it a little and random pondering, I’ve settled on Google Reader, for now.

Cool Features:

  1. Add a Subscription. This bit is extremely easy. (I tried Bloglines for a while and found options were not updated, it was slow to load and downright complicated, with no need.) Simply click the button and paste in the RSS feed and click Add. I like simple.
  2. Large blog titles. I work at a screen for about 60% of my time. I like high contrast options and large text options and magifying options. Click on a blog title in a feed and it is magnified a little, in blue, and displays the first paragraph or so. Simple.
  3. Starred blog posts. You can star a blog post, which then gets stored in your Starred folder, whether you’ve marked it as read or not. You can then read it later. Simple.

Useful Features:

  1. Feed Settings. This option allow you to Unsubscribe easily. If you find your ahev too many feeds, you can unsubscribe in a few clicks. Feed Settings>Unsubscribe>Confirm.

Other Features:

Want to Learn About Blogging in Belfast?


What is a blog? It is a mini, personalised website. The difference between a regular website and a blog is that the owner posts articles – blog posts – regularly to let the public know what he/she is up to. Use it to display your interests, photos of family/friends or even promote your business.

I am are holding a two-day workshop – Welcome to the Blogosphere: Blogging for Beginners – at QUB, Belfast on Saturday 21 & 28 March. To book a place, phone the School of Education (Open Learning) on 028 9097 3539/3323 or email

On this practical workshop, you will create a blog (with and learn how to customise it with posts, photos, links and tools. You will also be given access to three months’ free technical support.

This workshop is for total beginners only. I promise – once you begin, you’ll be blogging into the wee small hours!

Current Events Schedule


This term at QUB, we have three new workshops for the working professional: Assertiveness and Workplace Confidence; Managing Customer Experience and Emotional Intelligence Goes to Work. These workshops are hosted by the School of Education, Short Courses Programmes (CPD).

For eveyone else, there is the School of Education’s Open Learning Programme. This term, we’re running the following events: Continue reading “Current Events Schedule”


I’ve just found another Northern Ireland business blogger, Shylands. He is Steven Hylands, and he describes himself as:

a freelance multimedia designer from Northern Ireland exploring imagination

You can read his blog here.

Blog Jargon

We all hear words and phrases around blogs, but do we know what they mean?

ArchiveBlog posts grouped by month.
Blog/Blog PostAn entry in the blog, also the noun used to describe the blog itself.
Blog RollA list of links to blogs you like or think might be interesting for your readers.
Category CloudA group of categories you have set up for slotting your posts into.
CommentA response added to your blog by an online reader.
Date and timeThe publish date and time of your blog. Blog posts can be written well in advance and scheduled to appear at a future date and time.
Link ListA list of links to websites or webpages you like or think might be interesting for your readers.
Link LoveThe act of adding someone to your blog roll or link list.
SlugThe final part of the permalink to your blog (the bit that appears at the end of the url). In this example, it is ‘radio -appearances’: ‘
TagsKeywords that you attach to your blog post, to help those searching the web for key words to arrive at your blog.

If there are others you are not familiar with, email me or add a comment and I will add them in.

Why Does Sensei Need a Blog?

Well, you’re all busy people! And, so are we.

That’s why we hit on the idea of using a blog, which you can subscribe to (click Feed on Posts/Comments at the top right of the page) – or add the URL to your favourites – to keep you up-to-date with new courses and events.

And, of course, you can add your own ideas (use the comment link below each blog entry) – which we will ask for from time to time, to help us with providing the product you want.

Feel free to browse around the blog entries and add your own comments. Or visit our site at: http://sensei-old.test/ . Click on Events to see what’s happening.

If you would like a response, please email us.