Take the Work out of Networking

I ‘m due to attend yet another networking event tomorrow evening (hosted by Women on the Move).

Yes, it ‘s that time of year again, when fun barbecues (where it ‘s often easier to mix) turn to enclosed spaces in upmarket conference suites in hotels, where you are expected to speak to other entrepreneurs, sell your business or promote your idea.

It ‘s terrifying, I ‘ll admit, the first time round. But here are some surefire ways to get those butterflies flying in formation (lovely imagery, unashamedly stolen from a friend)! Continue reading “Take the Work out of Networking”

Beyond the Glass Ceiling (Women’s Event)


There are many business workshops and training events that are designed for businesswomen. Have you noticed how they tend to cover the same sort of themes? Conflict management skills for women. Assertive communication skills for women. Confidence building for women. Isn ‘t all this slightly reactive and belittling? Haven ‘t businesswomen in 21st century Northern Ireland moved past these stereotypes yet?

Beyond the Glass Ceiling is different. Instead of assuming what women need, we will address what real women want. Instead of patronising women by ‘helping ‘ them play catch-up, we will equip women to move ahead. Our workshops will achieve this by addressing some workplace issues with an openness and honesty that is rare, but that everyone welcomes when it arrives. Continue reading “Beyond the Glass Ceiling (Women’s Event)”

What is WabiSabi?

WabiSabi is a new venture from Sensei. We’re exploring the demand for a new coworking community and space in Northern Ireland.

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What is Coworking?

Coworking is where unconnected people (who often work from home, coffee shops, hotel lobbies or client offices) and organisations get together in one place to work. Coworking spaces may offer a combination of:

  • desk hire by the hour, day, week or month
  • meeting and training space for hire by members or others
  • virtual office services
  • events

Are there any current coworking spaces in NI?

Yes! See Hotdesking & Coworking NI

We Don’t Care What Dress the Customer Wants

This week, I was contacted by someone looking for training in sales and customer service. She told me I was the first supplier of training to mention the ‘tailoring’. Everyone else she had made enquiries with had told her she’d be getting a standard course, with no effort to match up with what they particularly needed. Imagine a bride walking into a bridal gown boutique to be told that there’d be nothing there to fit her? (She I walked out.) Why wouldn’t the assistant search the earth, to help find me the dress? And, then get it tailored to fit? Bridal boutiques aren’t selling dresses. They’re selling insults glamour. Unfortunately, many brides tell the same hurt tale. And, they aren’t going to make an expensive purchase after being harangued for not being the perfect size ten. They’re going to cross the road. Continue reading “We Don’t Care What Dress the Customer Wants”

QUB Management School

We’re delighted to be designing and delivering CPD level modules for QUB’s School of Management’s Short Courses Programmes once again this term. The CPD modules form part of the City and Guilds Professional Recognition Awards.

“Queens University Belfast is an approved Centre to offer the City & Guilds ‘ Professional Recognition Awards (PRA) in Northern Ireland. PRAs have been developed for those at the highest professional levels within their chosen careers and looking for an accredited qualification.

The awards enable candidates to gain recognition for the practical application of professional skills, knowledge and understanding in employment within any sector or role. There are no practical limitations on the areas of employment to which they may be related. They can also offer an employment-based route to higher-level qualifications.”

See our Sensei Calendar page for further information and booking links.

Image credit: fatinraihanna.

What are Businesses Getting Wrong in the Recession?

Everyone ‘s falling about with worry. The recession has us all cautious about spending more money than we absolutely have to, taking on new staff, renting more premises or bringing in too much product in advance.

How can we hang in there? How can we thrive? How can we ensure that our largest and possibly most expensive resource is working to maximum capacity? Continue reading “What are Businesses Getting Wrong in the Recession?”

Pecha Kucha Night Belfast

Allen and I attended Pecha Kucha Night Belfast tonight, as part of Belfast Book Festival.

The Storytelling theme attracted our attention.

What is it?

The formula was a new one on me. This is taken from the PechaKucha website:

PechaKucha 20×20 is a simple presentation format where you show 20 images, each for 20 seconds. The images forward automatically and you talk along to the images.

It was indeed a fast-moving series of fascinating, sometimes confusing, rambling, varied presentations loosely based around the theme. Some shared information; most told stories or shared ideas, opinions, passions on book format, design, font, imagery, sculpture, art, thoughts, childhood, business and more…

I liked it.