Storytelling, Business and Innovation is the title of a training conference planned by Sensei Learning and Performance with a little help from our friends. These colleagues are pictured above: Colin Nesbitt fron Innovation Express Ltd and Liz Weir. While Colin is a specialist in knowledge management and business problem-solving, Liz is a entrepreneur and storyteller of international repute. Together, we make quite a team!

The date of the conference is 24 November 2009, so keep your diary clear. The venue we’ve chosen is Clifton House, “a charming and atmospheric 18th century building set in tranquil grounds right in the heart of Belfast.” Apart from all the usual qualities we look for in our business venues – centrality, car-parking facilities, excellence in customer service, first-class catering, somewhere that feels like ‘out of the office’ for a day – we felt that the rich history of the place served to enforce our conference theme.

So why a conference about storytelling? Isn’t that for little children or old men beside a warm hearth? Apart from primary education or possibly as a tourist gimmick, it has nothing to do with business in the 21st century, right? Wrong! I challenge you to type ‘corporate storytelling’ into any search engine and see what happens. Also called organisational storytelling (since it can apply to the public and voluntary sectors too), this is one of the biggest business trends sweeping corporate America and the British mainland.

My concern, and motivation for organising this conference, was twofold. Firstly, as a business owner, I didn’t want Northern Ireland left behind (as usual) while our international colleagues and competitors reap the benefits of this trend. And secondly, as a trainer, I didn’t want the usual tsunami of external consultants flooding the local market when it does take off, since I feel strongly that we have so much local talent here. Besides, we’re a people who love storytelling and have an international reputation for it. Why not turn this into a business advantage when marketing your goods/services, or promoting your brand?

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Also, please feel free to contact us with any questions or queries you might have about it. More information will be available on the blog and the press soon.