Some Interesting Stories #2

This is another selection of juicy-but-overlooked news stories that I found interesting and that have some relevance – promise – to the services of Sensei.

How good software makes us stupid is a quality article about a fascinating book called The Shallows: What the Internet is Doing to Our Brains. The books author is Nicholas Carr, an American writer on technology, business and culture. His basic thesis is that the web specialises in giving us a broad, superficial knowledge at the expense of deeper thinking skills. I concur, although I don’t believe it’s an either/or between the net and books. It is true however that the objects of our thinking shapes the structure of our brains. This is a sobering thought for Glee addicts.

On a related theme, Is our relationship with books changing? We’re abandoning public libraries, but buying more books first-hand and enjoy doing so in a cafe-cum-shop setting. Thanks to Ophera, book clubs are enjoying a renaissance. But will e-books replace paper? My opinion – only when 3D movies replace 2D i.e. never beyond the odd blip.

Read all about it, good news for footballers! It’s good to think – but not too much, scientists say. Well, kind of. If you think more about your decision-making then you will more cells in the part of your brain that deals with decisions. But if you brood too much about ‘life in general’ you’ll have a poorer memory and greater proneness to depression. Which takes us nicely back to the first article.

So be careful what you think about, what thoughts you allow into your brain. Remember my question from weeks ago: What is the most resilient virus?

Any ideas?

Image credit: rutlo.