I’ve just started using Snag IT 9 for some screenshots for a client’s project. I’d last used it several months ago when editing some pictures for myself. This is version 9.

Screenshots of Snag It 9 for this blog post

So, I thought I’d add in a few pics to keep things interesting.. and here was the first thing to boggle the mind of a technical writer.

How can I capture the Snag It application as a screenshot, when it temporarily disappears to allow screen capture (presumably of something else)? Ahhh! Following several frustrated minutes of frantic searching various settingstype locations, I found it! Choose Tools>Programme Preferences>Programme Options and deselect Hide Snag It before capturing.

Slick Interface

The first thing you will notice is it’s slick charcoal grey user interface. That makes the menus toolbars really stand out, something that you will appreciate when you spend hours at a time working with graphics.

Become an Elite SnagIt Capture Ninja or Sninja

Regularly-used capture settings can be saved as Profiles. Become an Elite SnagIt Capture Ninja Sninja. There are default Profiles and you can create and customise your own.

File Types

There are now a number of file types. As well as SnagIt Capture File (.snag) and PDF, you can save files in twenty-eight formats, including .jpg and .wmf and .png. I’m impressed.

Blogging Outputs

OK, maybe this has been around for a while, but you can also blog directly to WordPress for example, from SnagIt.

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