johntoalLast Saturday, I was chatting to John Toal on the Saturday Magazine Show about blogging. He wanted to know why anyone would blog, and why anyone would read it. I suppose I’ve become something of a ‘person to ask about blogging’, since I started blogging a few years ago, and now teach regular workshops on blogging and other social media tool for NI Libraries, QUB and various businesses.

I’m not sure I convinced him, but it was a really interesting experience, following on from my previous one and only radio appearance on the David Dunseath Programme, again, talking – for approximately 38 seconds – about blogging.

This opportunity was a little longer, and I had a lovely time. John took me into the studio, ostensibly to open a few sites, so we’d something to focus our thoughts on, and calmed me a little, as I was rather nervous, to be honest. I was rather calmer after realising someone had set up little stoves right there in the studio and had started cooking Tikka Masala. The smells were mighty! It was just like being at home…

Then, one of the other guests made me some Earl Grey tea, from a fascinatingly high-tech looking tea/coffee machine and I settled into comfy leather sofa to listen to the other guests on the show. I met the chef for the morning, a music magazine editor and the producer. Everyone was nice and casually dressed, which put me further at my ease.

Listen to my little slot on John’s show here ( you’ll need to fast foward to 10:30am). It lasted about 5-6 minutes. It was relaxed, it was calm, everything was quiet in the corridors around us, and I felt right at home when it got to my turn. I’d encourage anyone who’s asked to appear on radio to have a go. Anyone I’ve met around the corridors of the BBC have been incredibly friendly, professional and above-all ‘human’ (which is nice). There are no drama queens nor full-of-themselves personalities nor egos. And, not all have a ‘face for radio’! Especially not the lovely John Toal.

Thanks for the opportunity, BBC. ๐Ÿ™‚