Recession Over in Northern Ireland?


Earlier this week, I posted a tweet about whether the NI recession is over. I simply asked, “Recession behind us?”

  • Straightaway, a Northern Ireland academic used to working with young entrepreneurs gave it a thumbs up, assuming it was a positive thing.
  • An IT Person (with so many enviable talents, I don’t know what else to call him) followed with a definite “No” only to be upbraided a short while later by a Northern Ireland Business Strategy Coach for his negativity.
  • I waded back into the discussion asking if it was “all just hype”?
  • The Business Strategy Coach reminded me that all businesses have surges of success and decline in equal measure, during a recession or otherwise and urged that people take control of their lives. How like a good, down-to-earth NI coach, I thought…
  • Finally, a Corporate Photographer came back with something that was news to me, that the construction industry was worse off as in 2005, not eons ago, as the media would have us believe. And, that short-term contract workers are now being laid off. (Perhaps they wer always to be laid off anyway?) His take was that those organisations that haven’t borrowed to keep afloat will be the better off when the big R recedes, noting that most people are just biding their time until the year of 2009 slips below the surface and we can welcome in change.
  • My Accountant – though sadly not on Twitter – was more pessimistic when I spoke to him a few months ago. His take was that 2010 will be well bedded in before we see any substantial steadying of NI business and finance.

You can read the full article, which sparked off the tweet, which sparked off the debate, in the Belfast Telegraph.

What have you got to say about all that then?

Comment at will.