Project Management Software - Huddle


Sometimes you come across a tool that’s so straightforward, it’s worth sharing. (I’ve no connection to Huddle, nor have I been paid to endorse it.)

Following a recent meeting, I was back on the search for some simple project management software. Something that primarily allowed me to list dated tasks and share files, as a way of communicating basic, factual information between face-to-face meetings.

It would be a bonus if it allowed for discussions and random ideas to be posted, with the option for replies to be added. I wasn’t looking for much. When I asked for recommendations on Twitter, I’d already stumbled across Huddle, following a very short search on Google. I’d already surveyed lots of tools, but hadn’t found anything easy to use. Then, along came Huddle!

Below, I’ve listed the main elements on each screen, so you can judge if it might meet your needs.

The Dashboard

This screen holds several widgets (boxes/modules). Each widget can be deleted from this screen, allowing you to customise what you want to see upfront for each workspace. Each widget has its own expand, collapse and remove buttons, allowing for easy manipulation.

  • Files Awaiting Approval (only appears for the Workplace Manager) – lists files that you need to approve
  • My Tasks – lists Late and Upcoming Tasks
  • Files I’m Working On – lists files currently locked for editing
  • My Workspaces – lists all Workspaces which you are a member of
  • Upcoming – this is a calendar style representation of everything that has been given a date in the workspace
  • Notifications – any new additions or comments, replies and updates to existing content
  • What’s New – any action that has recently taken place on the workspace

The Main Tools

Once you click the Workspace you wish to enter, you will see the following tabs across the top of the screen:

  • Overview – a summary of all recent activity on the workspace, in reverse chronological order.
  • Whiteboards – a space to add a casual, random thought for the members.
  • Tasks – a place to add a list of tasks that need completed by a certain date. These can be allocated to the appropriate member(s) or everyone. A tickbox allows for updating everyone when a task has been added.
  • Discussions – this tab houses ongoing discussions. It operates in a similar way to IM (Instant Messaging) with comments and replies cascading down the screen.
  • Files – this tab allows for the creation, editing and uploading/downloading of of office documentation, including zipped files. Fifty files can be uploaded at once. And, folders can be created to store categoried sets of files.
  • Meetings – lists dates and topics of all meetings.
  • People – lists all members of the workspace, with contact and other details they’ve chosen to add.
  • Settings – allows for user settings and permissions to be changed.

On the creation of each new element in each tab, there is an option to allocate tasks to or update individual members. In this way, everyone is kept well informed about each amendment.

What are the “big three” benefits to my business?

There are three things that stood out for me:

  1. File sharing
  2. Task management
  3. Updates to all members

If you have experience of Huddle or any other project management software, I’d love to hear about it. What are the best ones you’ve used? Which are the worst? Feel free to comment below.