Despite being fairly active on many social networking sites – for networking and research purposes – I’d never come across until it was recommended to me on Twitter by @mrcush. Thanks Mr Cush from Wolfmarks!

What does it do?

It saves you time posting status updates to various social networking, IM and bookmarking sites and profiles. You post to your central place, and it takes your update and replicates it around the web. There! You can be in eight places at once. And, update lots of profiles, without actually logging in there. The down side is that you have to hand over your username and password to those sites you wish to update. This is a fairly common phenomenon online, so if you’re happy doing that, then…

I’ll be testing it out for a while, to see how it helps. It’s certainly going to save me time, and add a nice little bit of activity to profiles I don’t use so often.

Image credit: Twitter.