Open Coffee Ballyclare open coffee ballyclare

Open Coffee Ballyclare is a informal business network that has operated locally for two years. It is funded and organised entirely by Sensei.

Following a recent survey, where Sensei polled the opinion of the network ‘s newsletter subscribers on a variety of issues, the following trends emerged:

Survey Results

A bizarre percentage of people skipped almost every question on the survey, and so I can rely only on 25 people ‘s responses. Out of that quantity:

  • 78.8% were willing to pay for a networking service (some suggested it be set at £50)
  • 42.9% were most keen to meet at 10am
  • 92.9% were prepared to travel a outside the usual areas we have held meetings (with one person suggesting a 25 mile radius of Belfast)
  • 89.3% favoured Templepatrick (a front runner all the way through survey responses) and Newtownabbey among the list of suggested nearby towns
  • 32.1% said they would attend 6 out of 9 potential meetings in a year
  • 92% preferred meeting for tea/coffee only (as opposed to breakfast or lunch)
  • 10.7% curiously would not add their name to a new network ‘s proposed business directory

While a majority of those who responded to the survey are happy to pay for the service, an insufficient number of people responded to the survey, resulting in an unfeasible result overall.

Having already detected a lack of interest in networking, and watching BNI and 4N folding, I am unsurprised.


As a result, we will run no further Open Coffee Ballyclare events. The email newsletter will stop, and Facebook and Twitter accounts will also close. If you would like to collect contacts and business names from these locations, please do so by the end of the month. If you have any queries about business activities, programmes, events, tenders and opportunites locally, I suggest you address these to Newtownabbey Council or the Chamber of Commerce.

Keep in Touch

If you would like to keep up to date with Sensei ‘s other activities, sign up to the newsletter, or follow Sensei on Facebook or LinkedIn. Thank-you to all who have supported the attempt to establish a business community locally. Best wishes.

Dawn Baird

Partner, Sensei