Online Coaching in Social Media


This week, we are launching a new service, Online Coaching in Social Media.

Who is it for?

We design and delivery a fair amount of social media seminars and workshops. Our customers are drawn from those who are just starting a business and those who are attempting to expand their business. This also includes more established organisations, who are attempting to seek new ways to market what they do and expand their network or establish a more rounded online presence.

Put simply, whether are an individual or larger organisation and want to learn how to do social media marketing and networking, then this service is for you. Learn more here.

What does it look like?

  • You contact us to book an appointment, at a time that suits you, from a diary of available slots. We hope to make available slots that are outside the 9-5 routine, as requested by some of you.
  • We “meet” online.
  • Coaching takes place. This is via a online conferencing tool, where screens can be shared for demos and coach and coachee can both see and hear each other.
  • You begin to implement the instruction during and after the session, as you wish.
  • Ongoing mentoring, advice and coaching is available, depending on need.

If you’d like further details, click here.

What will it help me do?

  • Expand your network of business contacts, and therefore the amount of people who know about you and who will help promote your products and services.
  • Provide access to new customers, who you have yet to meet!
  • Provide access to different customers, in new ways.
  • Learn about competitors.
  • Establish new relationships with collaborators and partners.

Can’t I just learn this all myself?

Yes, of course, you can learn the basics by yourself. We don’t intend to spend much time during coaching to show you how to set up profiles. That takes about 2 minutes.

We’re simply providing the service for those who would like to learn how to make best use of the tools quicker. We have prepared sessions that will take you to the tips and tricks faster than you would find them all yourself.

What if I prefer coaching in person?

We’ve thought of that too. If you live and work in Northern Ireland, you may know that we already deliver coaching in many other areas. See the postcard image above for details, or click here.

Contact us on 028 9043 6634 or to express your interest.