On Saturday 28th February 2009 I’ll be holding a 1-day workshop at Queen’s University called Lies and Damned Lies: How to Become a Human Lie Detector.

Never be fooled, tricked, manipulated, used, lied to, or taken advantage of again! Learn how to test true friendship, check out tall tales, see through people ‘s masks, spot the bluffers, and get anyone to say what they ‘re really thinking. Stop the lies in any situation or conversation. Influence others to tell the truth. Never feel powerless again!

I’ve delivered a few highly successful courses in non-verbal communication or ‘body language’ at Queen’s and I’m keen to take the subject a bit further. This workshop is the result. Most books on Body Language include a chapter on spotting deception, but the topic is so interesting and useful that I thought I’d expand it out into an entire workshop. The enrolment demand has been profuse.

But just to forewarn you – I plan to have fun on this course!

Yes, we’ll cover all the serious psychologists like Paul Ekman and Albert Vrij. We’ll certainly touch on the relevant systems of explanation, both the well known (NLP) and the well respected (IDT). I’ll show the students what to look for in a lie and how to confirm it with questioning techniques.

But the main fun will reside in learning to deceive each other. If you have to send a thief to catch a thief, then you also must become a liar to spot a liar. Don’t worry, I won’t corrupt anyone’s innocent mind. I do believe however that the best way to learn what to look for in a deciever is to feel how they feel – the discomfort and fear, the alteration in tone and artificial word-patterns, the non-verbal leakage and hiding actions.

Lie detecting is a great skill to have in many jobs and work-place situations. And if you don’t believe me… then you’re learning!