Jedi Workshop Goes International!


Well, kind of. I was interviewed this morning by Steve Chase of ABC Radio in Australia.

Media coverage for this course has snowballed at an unbelievable rate in the last week. Dawn mentioned some of the radio interviews I’ve done in the last blog, as well as the inital exposure with the Newsletter and the BBC.

This in addition to the national newspapers that were generous with their space… at least on-line. First of all there was the Guardian Educational Supplement, hotly pursued by the Times Higher Education Supplement. The latest treatment was by the Times Online, which is interesting because of the comments generated (not all of which are flattering). The Daily Telegraph is in on the act too.

Dopiest question award? “Will you be bringing a romantic element into the course, you know, Luke and Leia kind of thing?” Actually, they were brother and sister, so no, not really…

Second stupidest question award? “Will there be a dress code for the course?” Yea, smart casual should do it, hopefully smart in the head, casual in the jeans.

Most confused question? “Is this sort of course not denigrating to a great educational establishment like Queen’s University?” Well, if by ‘denigrating’ you mean far-sighted, innovative and down-right interesting, then I suppose you have a point. Plus, its not a degree course, you can’t earn a BA in ‘Jedi Studies’! Sorry to disappoint.

That’s all for now, except to prove how little all this has gone to my head. If you want a laugh, go to the South Belfast News photo section to see how this Jedi made a complete ejit of himself, all in the name of free publicity.

There’s more to tell, but this will do for now.

May the force… whatever!

Image credit: HoveHe.