Doing Business with the Public Sector in ROI

If you currently do business outside the ROI and are expecting to export products or services to Ireland, it is worth bearing in mind the following.

  • Tax Clearance Certificate is sometimes requested. This is an official document that is supplied, free of charge, from Revenue. It declares that your tax affairs (in the country in which your business is based) are in order. It may take two weeks to come through.

Tendering in ROI

In addition to the above, when tendering, you may also encounter the following.

  • They may restrict eligible tenders to those with a minimum turnover of X.
  • They may ask for a copy of between one and three years’ accounts.
  • They may ask for a hefty amount of insurance: Professional Indemnity, Public Indemnity, Employer’s Liability, though often it is sufficient to declare or supply your insurer’s declaration that this can easily be secured for the duration of the contract.