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You could say that we have a little form when it comes to writing tenders. We look for them and find them. We read them. We decide whether they’re worth our time. We sift and sift. We prioritise and decide. We add them to our work schedule. We make a writing plan. We consult our bank of tender submission template responses. And, then the real work starts!

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I Need Help to Write Tenders Now!

  • I’ve no idea where to start!
  • I’ve started a tender but can’t seem to finish it!
  • The terminology is driving me crazy. Can you sit down with me and go through answering all my burning questions?
  • I’m stumped on the methodology. What we do seems so obvious, I don’t know how to put the process into words.
  • They’ve not stated a budget. What do I do? How do I price it?
  • My English isn’t the best. It just needs a wee polish.
  • Can you just write the whole darn thing for me?

We can help from searching for tenders, to deciding whether to go for them or not, to making a writing plan, to filling forms, to collating all documentation, to polishing the English, to mentoring you through it, or writing it from start to finish!

Get in touch today.

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