How to Create Confidence at Work

Confidence is not something that one generally develops overnight. It’s something that’s been formed through years of experiences and interactions, based on who you are, how you feel, how others respond to you, and more.

Many people suffer from confidence issues, especially in environments where they feel they don’t have a great deal of power. One of the prime examples of this is within the modern workplace, where not everyone feels valued and appreciated in such a way that breeds a confident attitude.

Confidence in the Workplace

This is a problem for a lot of people that want to get more out of their work life. The reality is that confidence is a highly valued commodity in the business world. Confident men and women tend to be able to impress their peers in such a way that they’re treated fairly and given every opportunity to succeed, while those that let their anxiety overcome them often find that they’re being overlooked for greater opportunities.

It’s important that you find a way to tap into your inner confidence. Yet often that’s easier said than done. Below are several strategies for becoming a more confident person in your office.

Office Strategies

  • Fake It The mind is an amazing tool, and one of its strangest qualities is its ability to adapt to the way you act. Faking confidence (pretending to be someone that’s confident even when you’re not) actually has the ability to create genuine confidence, because your mind adapts to that confidence level in order to be more comfortable with the way you’re acting.
  • Embarrass Yourself One of the most common anxieties people experience when they’re not feeling confident is the fear of embarrassment. To get over that fear, you need to get used to embarrassment so that it no longer affects you. A strategy would be to go to a nearby town and sing an embarrassing song for karaoke. Eventually, you get used to feeling embarrassed, so it’s not something that you’ll be worried about.
  • Start Strong Everyone has moments where they’re actively trying to be confident. The issue is that many people give themselves a “load time” where they sit and prepare themselves for being confident before they ultimately make the leap. For example, in a morning meeting, the person sits there longer and longer trying to get themselves ready to be confident. Unfortunately, this load time tends to have the opposite effect, causing the anxiety to be worse. When you know you need to be confident, the best thing to do is start strong introduce yourself loudly and openly the moment you walk in and start sharing right away. This will get you into confidence groove that is far more beneficial for improving your overall confidence levels.
  • Relieve Outside Anxiety Anxiety is a cumulative condition, so the more anxiety you experience in any one component of your life, the more anxiety you can expect to experience in another area of your life. It’s not always possible to reduce workplace anxiety, but you can cut down on your life anxiety in general. Focus on ways to become a more relaxed person and get help for your anxiety in your personal life, and your work life is certain to see the benefit.

Confidence is not always something that comes naturally, and there’s no denying that it’s not as easy as saying “speak up more” or “talk to people.” It’s something you have to essentially retrain yourself to do. So consider the above strategies for increasing that confidence, and you’ll often find that over time your overall ability to control your anxiety in your work life will be possible.

[box type=”bio”] This is a Guest Post written by Ryan Rivera. His anxiety at work was troublesome, and affected his career path and prospects. Now he talks about anxiety with others at[/box]